Impetigo Diet : Foods That Help Impetigo Cure

Impetigo Diet

 Diet plays an important role in therecovery from disorders including Impetigo, which occurs due to the invasion ofbacteria on account of cuts or wounds on the skin’s surface. You should addimmune-boosting foods to the diet and eliminate those groups that can aggravatethe infectivity during the Impetigo recovery period.

The 3 types of Impetigo are Bullous, Non-Bullous and Ecthyma. The most common form of Impetigo is the Non-Bullous kind that is characterized by small-sized blisters on the skin. The skin also tends to develop crusts due to the oozing of the pus. Primarily, children between the age groups of 2-6 years are affected with Impetigo. However, older children and adults also fall prey to the infectivity if they have low immunity levels.

Diet For Impetigo Patients

As a parent, if your child is suffering from Impetigo, it can help to put them on an all-fruit diet. This helps to detoxify their bodies and facilitates the healing process. Juices prepared with fruits such as papaya, apple, peach, pineapple, pear, and orange should be given to the child. However, if the child’s condition is severe, it helps to put them only on a water and orange juice fast for 2 days. Thereafter, for the following 2 days, they should be on an all-fruit diet.

Subsequently, the child should eat a balanced diet consisting of seeds, fresh fruits as well as vegetables, grains, milk, nuts, and seeds. Raw salads and whole grains are other foods that must be included in the child’s diet.

The body’s natural defense system is strengthened through the intake of whole grains and fresh fruits as well as vegetables. Citrus fruits are recommended to add to the diet because of their antioxidant-rich properties; these nutrients can effectively lower the count of the damage-causing free radicals in the body. Limes and oranges are excellent sources of antioxidant foods.

The inclusion of anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric and ginger in the diet also proved to be beneficial for Impetigo patients because they alleviate the distressing symptoms of the disorder such as redness and inflammation.

Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin that imparts the healing benefits. There are various ways of incorporating turmeric into the diet. You can stir a small pinch of the spice in 1 glass of lukewarm milk. Alternatively, you can also spray your dishes with powdered turmeric during cooking.

Consuming garlic is also known to benefit people ailing from Impetigo because of its active ingredient allicin that helps in reducing the discomfort associated with the disorder. Also, due to the bulb’s anti-bacterial nature, the bacterial elements are warded off. Garlic pods can be ingested in their raw form at intervals during the day for enjoying their goodness.

When recovering from Impetigo, the patients will also benefit by adding the Omega-3 fats, which have anti-inflammatory effects, to their diet. Some good sources of the Omega-3 fatty acids are chia seeds, fatty fish, seafood, walnuts, flaxseed oil, and spinach. Oily fish like mackerel and salmon are also excellent sources of these nutrients.

You can also benefit by adding turnips to the diet as part of your Impetigo recovery measures. However, the turnip slices should be immersed for 6 hours in vinegar or water left over after cooking rice. The turnip pieces are then ready to be relished.

Victims of the Impetigo disorder are also advised to eliminate some foods and beverages from the diet for the healing course to ensue. These include pickles, rich flavored dishes, white flour produce, packaged foods, sugary foods, red meats, coffee, tea, condiments and denatured variety of cereals, vegetable shortening, fried stuff, trans-fats, margarine, polyunsaturated vegetable-based oils, and partly hydrogenated oils. The medical experts advise using the extra virgin variety of olive oils as the primary fat.

The intake of animal-based proteins in the diet is also to be restricted.


In addition to taking care of the diet, there is also need to treat Impetigo patients through conventional and alternative remedies. During the mild stages, the natural treatments serve as effective cures. However, the victims must be supervised by the doctors if their condition does not improve after few days of administering treatment.