Psoriasis FAQ – All Questions Answered

What are the First Signs of Psoriasis? The early signs of psoriasis are the appearance of well-demarcated skin lesions, appearing pink or erythematous in color, with a layer of silvery-white skin scales covering the top of these lesions. Is Psoriasis a Lifetime Disease? Yes, psoriasis is a lifetime disease, since it is constantly recurring.  Even if the skin appears clear after treatment, it will only mean that the disease has gone into remission.  When exposed to specific triggers, the psoriasis Read more […]

Vulvar Psoriasis – Symptoms,Causes,Diagnosis & Treatment

Can I Cure Psoriasis ? Read Success Stories >> Read Testimonials of Successfully Curing Psoriasis at Home This sense of constant itchiness felt in one’s private body areas is not normal, unless the person has extremely dry skin conditions.  Otherwise, it is considered to be a symptom of some form of a disease, like say, psoriasis.  In women, as they start aging and begin to experience hormonal fluctuations, problems affecting their vulvar skin will be more.  Psoriasis can affect the Read more […]

Psoriasis Prevention : How to Avoid Developing Psoriasis

Preventing Psoriasis Psoriasis is believed to be a hereditary disease; it cannot be prevented from occurring in those who are genetically predisposed to it.  There are ways though by which its flare-ups can be prevented to a great extent.  Let us take a look at how this can be achieved. Skin injuries and bruises are considered as one of the triggers for psoriasis flares; especially when the skin gets opened up by way of cuts. Taking extra care to prevent skin trauma will work towards preventing Read more […]

Psoriasis Prognosis – What will Happen to a Psoriasis Patient in Long Term

Since the disease is chronic, and with no permanent cure to it found as of yet, the patient’s quality of life can be altered to a great extent, especially in those who are suffering from its severe form.  Many sufferers have even been found to be affected by depression because of their skin condition. However, this skin problem, with a vigilant watch on its symptoms, and with specialized care, can be well controlled; but yes, the likely course of this condition will vary from person to person.  Read more […]

Psoriasis Revolution Review – Improvised Home Remedies

Psoriasis Revolution – Results >> Read Testimonials of Successfully Curing Psoriasis Individuals suffering from psoriasis should look for ways to get their skin abnormality under control, and not allow it to control them.  Unfortunately, there is no cure for psoriasis; yet, there are really good treatment options available to help manage the condition better, and keep it under a remission phase for more number of years. There is an e-book titled Psoriasis Revolution, which psoriasis Read more […]

Diet for Psoriasis Patients – What to Eat & Not to Eat

Many sufferers have gone on to experience some amount of relief after bringing about some changes in their diet.Feeding the body with good nutritious food assists it in regulating the functions of the immune system from within. An alkaline diet An alkaline diet will assist the body in reducing its acidity levels, because a body that has increased levels of acidity in them is believed to worsen skin conditions like psoriasis.  For this, increasing the intake of green leafy veggies, herbs, cucumber; Read more […]

Psoriasis Home Remedies for Natural Treatment

Most problems affecting the skin of us humans can be eliminated forever with the use of right products, and by making certain lifestyle changes.  Sadly though, there are a few skin problems that cannot be gotten rid of completely.  One such skin problem is psoriasis, that cannot be cured, how much ever one tries. Psoriasis A skin problem that can affect anyone, a chronic problem in fact, is what psoriasis is.  This problem arises because of having an immune system that is functioning in Read more […]

Psoriasis – Symptoms,Causes,Types & Management

Generally one will find psoriasis sufferers to be withdrawn, some of them will refrain from socializing, because of their skin looking – abnormal.  The sad part is that psoriasis tends to affect those skin areas that are easily visible.  However, learning how to handle the awkward questions frequently asked becomes important for them, to make living with their condition more comfortable. Some Known Facts About Psoriasis The word psoriasis is derived from the Greek word ‘psora’, which translates Read more […]