Impetigo – Prognosis – What to Expect

Impetigo The prognosis of Impetigo is rated as excellent. If the treatment course is duly followed, the infection clears completely. Normally, the treatment course for the disorder lasts for 2-3 weeks. Additionally, the presence of scars is not common after the infection clears. Many medical experts also opine that if the prescribed antibiotics fail to work, it could be because of an improper diagnosis in determining the type of bacteria causing the infection. However, in some cases, Impetigo Read more […]

Impetigo Diet : Foods That Help Impetigo Cure

Impetigo Diet  Diet plays an important role in therecovery from disorders including Impetigo, which occurs due to the invasion ofbacteria on account of cuts or wounds on the skin’s surface. You should addimmune-boosting foods to the diet and eliminate those groups that can aggravatethe infectivity during the Impetigo recovery period. The 3 types of Impetigo are Bullous, Non-Bullous and Ecthyma. The most common form of Impetigo is the Non-Bullous kind that is characterized by small-sized Read more […]

Home Remedies for Non-Bullous Impetigo

The treatment of Nonbullous Impetigo is treatable with various home remedies that involve the use of olive oil, herbs such as rosemary as well as thyme, turnips and cleaver herb. Making changes to the diet and taking measures to remove the crusts are other treatment methods of the infectivity. Non-bullous Impetigo is caused due to the invasion of bacterial elements when a person gets cuts on their body or is exposed to others having the disorder. During the initial stages of this type of Read more […]

Impetigo Home Remedies

The various home remedies for Impetigo include the use of grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil, hot compresses, white vinegar, manuka honey, aloe vera and coconut oil. Impetigo is caused when bacterial elements attack the body and adversely affect the arms, legs, face and neck portion. Natural Treatments for Impetigo In the following details, you can find several home remedies for Impetigo. White Vinegar The application of white vinegar serves as an effective cure for Impetigo on the Read more […]

Impetigo – Symptoms,Causes,Diagnosis & Treatment

In the below-listed information, you can find information on Impetigo – including its causes, different types as well as the related symptoms, diagnosis, treatments (traditional and natural methods), complications, means of spreading, and preventive measures. Impetigo – Overview More often seen in children than adults, Impetigo is a skin infection that is caused due to the multiplication of bacterial elements. The sores arise in various parts of the body including the face, neck, and feet. Read more […]